Brenntag UK & Ireland in partnership with Stephenson Group

As of July 2016, Brenntag UK & Ireland has been appointed as a distribution partner of Stephenson Group for their DUROSOFT range of patent pending emulsifiers

Brenntag Cosmetics Application Laboratory

As of July 2016, Brenntag UK & Ireland has been appointed as a distribution partner of Stephenson Group for their DUROSOFT range of patent pending emulsifiers, which use naturally derived polyglycerol esters to produce ingredients for creams, lotions and foaming oil-based formulations offering specific value to producers of cold process products for sustainable raw material claims.

What makes DUROSOFT unique is the patent-pending technology which provides a wide HLB range of 4-14 for a greater stability profile. Lucy Simmonds, Technical Business Manager, Stephenson Group, said “Durosoft can be cold processed, which creates a number of benefits for the personal care and cosmetics formulator – from achieving tighter energy standards through to reduced energy consumption - as they seek to meet key product performance criteria and improve the sustainability of their business.”

The DUROSOFT range enhances Brenntag UK & Ireland's rapidly expanding portfolio of specialty cosmetics ingredients which include ultra mild surfactants, preservatives, silicones, chelates, novel fragrances, oils, texturing ingredients, emollients and pigments.

Nicola Boulter

Nicola Boulter, Commercial Director (Specialties) Brenntag UK & Ireland, said: "We are delighted to form an alliance with Stephenson Group on their unique range of personal care emulsifiers, bringing together the expertise, infrastructure and creative innovations capabilities of Brenntag’s team and the technical advances of Stephenson Group.  We look forward to further developing relationships with our existing and new customers, meeting the needs of their formulation requirements and generating new product development projects".

Stephenson Group Laboratory

Brenntag’s dedicated team of industry professionals is fully supported by Brenntag's European Cosmetics Laboratory which works on the development of innovative formulations, assessment of specialty raw materials, sensory analysis and search for cosmetics performance solutions.  The formulatory team in Amiens (France) has recently looked at a number of applications focusing in particular on creating ideas for texture and critical sensorial properties, and are currently working on enhancing the concept by adding innovative cold- process formulations featuring DUROSOFT. The new concept will be unveiled to the industry at SCS Formulate, while Brenntag's customers will be in a position to receive regular updates and innovative ideas from the team in the run up to the event.

Jamie Bentley

Commenting on the new partnership, Jamie Bentley, CEO at Stephenson Group, said: “As one of the world’s leading speciality chemicals companies, we proactively chose to work with Brenntag in the UK & Ireland. This is a major step forward for the commercialisation of our ingredients portfolio; Brenntag UK and Ireland has recognised the unique benefits of our DUROSOFT product range, and we are delighted to be developing our trading relationship with them. Our range of natural emulsifiers are a perfect fit with Brenntag’s portfolio and growth aspirations.”

The partnership represents a great opportunity for both businesses to develop their portfolios in the personal care market and provide innovative and bespoke products for cosmetics and personal care brands looking for a natural alternative to the standard emulsifiers currently available.

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