Brenntag discusses Wellness for Beauty


Wellness has grown to become a synonym of beauty, as beauty buyers embrace wellness. Once hailed by high profile beauty salons in major cosmopolitan cities, wellness for beauty is now becoming mainstream, not least due to the influence of social media which has taken wellness discourse to regular beauty buyers around the globe. Visual improvements to appearance continue to be important, however consumers understand that skin appearance is also impacted by exposure to daily environment and various aspects of modern lifestyles.

Increasing levels of physical activity, reducing stress levels, minimising the impact of pollution and free radicals, looking after personal wellbeing are considered of vital steps for an effective beauty routine. The concept of looking and feeling good is drawing closer: notions of de-stress and recharge for instance, creating energy through the experience of an indulging beauty routine.

Consumers are looking to replicate spa experience at the comfort of their home, at a time convenient for them, to reduce stress to their skin and hair from the daily assault from internal and external factors, and to deliver desired benefits through textures and sensory properties of products they use.

What were traditionally spa products are being bought from supermarket aisles during a weekly shop: bath and shower products to create ambiance appealing to one’s sense, indulging body treatments to nourish the skin, pampering yet effective face care and multifunctional colour cosmetics to protect, smooth and unify the complexion.

Health conscious consumers who pursue physical activity either in or outdoors look for versatile, easy to use skin and hair products that will cater for their need to look and feel good after a workout session.

To help brands embrace the wellness narrative, Brenntag EMEA Cosmetics team have developed a range of formulations under the Looking Good, Feeling Great! creative concept. It addresses some of the most current market trends and proposes interesting marketing positioning such as Wellness for Beauty, Sleep and Restore, Beauty on the Go. A number of formulations have been developed under the “Inspired by Food” concept, as we drew our inspiration from our colleagues at Brenntag Life Sciences (Food).

Below are some ideas which will be showcased by the Brenntag team at in-cosmetics global 2017. Full formulations can be obtained by contacting Brenntag Cosmetics team on

Brenntag discusses Wellness for Beauty

Second Skin Lotion

The breakthrough ultra-light texture of this formulation instantly melts into skin for a refreshing burst of cooling moisture. After the beach, swimming pool or simply morning shower, our Second Skin body lotion brings freshness, comfort and suppleness.

A lightweight, non-greasy, velvety moisturising body lotion that protects and hydrates skin. Easily absorbs, leaving skin feeling smooth and moisturised. Use daily as part of your persona sed skin care routine.

Brenntag discusses Wellness for Beauty

Face Cleanse Powder

Creates an exceptional sensory experience: our Face Cleansing Powder generates foam to gently cleanse skin, removing impurities, sebum and dead skin and improve skin's barrier function.

Vitality Boost Cream

Playful texture : Satiaxane VPC 911, Viscogum BCR and Durosoft PK-SG create a choux pastry-like texture which spreads easily and softens the skin. Leaves a silky effect upon application.

Natural source of calcium and soft-focus effect: Puratite releases calcium on epidermis after application and together with Mirasil Micropearl 40 creates ‘synergic soft-focus effect’ that visually uniforms the appearance and the colour of the skin for an immediate and direct action.

Spreadability, penetration and significant moisture retention: Jojoba oil and Apricot kernel oil act as a moisturising and nourishing agent. The apricot oil improves the intrinsic properties of jojoba oil creating a more functional vegetable oil. Offers ease of spreading, great penetration and significant moisture retention.

Sustainable formula: more than 98% raw materials with sustainable carbon.

Moisturising and softening properties, soft and silky texture effect upon application on the skin and the uplifting fragrance of the cream makes this formulation one of the stars of Brenntag “Looking Good, Feeling Great!” Creative Concept.

Ice Cream Aftersun

Have a gourmand break and reach for this fruity sorbet-like aftersun! The formula is enriched with sweet almond oil and glycerine. This cooling and soothing Ice Cream Aftersun replenishes dehydrated sin exposed skin, and helps to prevent peeling and prolong your tan. Playful texture; easily absorbed; highly hydrating.

Brenntag discusses Wellness for Beauty

Moisturising Panna Cotta

Food inspired textures truly take the centre stage in this formulation.

With its melting and creamy texture, Moisturising Panna Cotta is a formula built with Apricot Kernal Oil which is light and gently moisturises skin, and contains vitamin A and E, which soothe the skin and slow signs of aging. It does not leave a greasy film on your skin after use. Made of more than 96% of sustainable and green ingredients.

Brenntag discusses Wellness for Beauty

Anti-pollution Shield Cream

Anti-oxidation, hydration, moisturisation and softening all help to fight the harmful effect of daily pollution. Our Anti-Pollution Shield Cream helps to restore healthy skin reinforcing the natural defences of the skin helping to avoid nanoparticle penetration, and helps to fight against allergens.

Rich in Antioxidants; Hydration and moisturising; Anti-pollution; Sustainable formula

Brenntag discusses Wellness for Beauty

Daily Hair Protect

Daily Hair Protect is a triple-action hair spray, protecting against colour loss, pollution and heat. This spray is designed for women exposed to the daily stresses of life. Specifically designed to protect hair thanks to a unique silicone technology developed by Bluestar Silicones, it protects hair from chemical routines (maintenance, straightening, colouring) and environmental stresses (UV, pollution, moisture).

Beyong its innovative and playful visual aspect, the challenge of this formulation is to maintain equilibrium of three phases: oil, micro-emulsion and water. This specific configuration allows to solubilise and topically deliver either the hydrophilic and lipophylic raw materials or actives such as fragrances, emollients, vitamins, plant extracts, peptides etc.

In addition to its triple action of colour protection, pollution control and thermal protection, Daily Hair Protect provides a conditioning, gloss and anti-frizz effect to all hair types.

Colour protection and Anti-pollution; Ultra Gloss and Anti-frizz protection.

BB Body Hydrate

Our BB Body Hydrate is an all-in –one solution to achieve an instant bronzed effect that lasts all day. Combines all of the unifying benefits of a BB cream with softening and hydrating benefits whilst blurring imperfections and evening out the skin tone. Boost or extend your natural suntan with this BB body cream, and add a sparkling touch to your summer nights.

Natalia McDonagh, Head of Marketing, Brenntag UK & Ireland
Michael Wilkop, Marketing Manager Cosmetics and Pharma, Brenntag EMEA

Full formulations can be obtained by contacting Brenntag Cosmetics team on

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