Brenntag presents the Advanced Story edition of Clean, Pure and Simple

By Cheryl Evans 1-Nov-2018

Much publicised social media and global published reports suggest that beauty industry is trying to change its traditional image, moving away from the more traditional association of only focusing on enhancing physical appearance.

Cosmetics and personal care industry is facing many challenges with regards to sustainability, whether with the focus on transparency and traceability in the ingredients supply chain, social impacts of the industry outputs, or the needs for "green formulations" which deliver efficient products by working with ingredients of renewable sources or natural in origin.

The pressure is increasingly coming from the consumers, who are becoming actively aware of their purchasing power as a source of influence over the market trends, and take time and care to thoroughly check the ingredients on the packaging before purchasing beauty products.

Consumers nowadays follow various beauty blogs and social media accounts which raise their awareness about health and wellness, and bring the realisation of the influence they can have on companies throughout the supply chain in the beauty industry from the sustainability perspective.

The call for "small but significant changes to start making" and to "shop sustainably" certainly impacts the cosmetics and personal care industry's stance on the environment, calling for higher scrutiny of ingredients and advocating responsibly sourced, sustainable, eco-friendly products.

This leads to cosmetics producers and brands to be taking a proactive approach to alleviate modern consumers' concerns. Having joined Brenntag Cosmetics & Personal Care team just over a year ago, learning the process (the science!) around formulating a cosmetic product, and actively researching the trends, my eyes have certainly been opened to what's good for my wellbeing as a consumer.

The main thing I noticed from the start was just how passionate my team were regarding what was important to our customers and how they respond to current- and emerging- trends. We work with our customers and suppliers on carefully gaining the data directly from the market place and translate this data into really smart concepts that mimic consumer behaviours. It is the result of the primary market research that inspired our 2018 Concept of Clean, Pure and Simple.

Our teams of formulators, technical and marketing experts across Brenntag entities carried out extensive study of the market and together we came up with innovative, tailor made and novel formulations that make the perfect synergy between our concept and our customers' requirements.

Having launched this Creative Concept at In-Cosmetics global in April earlier this year, Brenntag Cosmetics have been building on the range of formulations taking into account direct customer feedback and pertinent market trends, and we at Brenntag UK & Ireland are excited to be presenting the "Advanced Story" edition of Clean, Pure and Simple at SCS Formulate in Coventry, UK.

To formulate our first concept 'Clean' we developed a shower based whipped cream presented in an aerosol format, which allows you to measure the exact amount of product you need to wash and moisturise your skin while reducing waste.

Given the ubiquitous nature of cosmetic products today, safety and technical standards are an increasingly important issue for the industry, which is why Brenntag Personal Care works closely with suppliers who are aligned with regulatory standards to ensure that our ingredients are safe, reliable and that our supply-chain is transparent throughout. We have selected the following formulations to further illustrate the concept:

Source: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Source: Getty Images/iStockphoto

"Lemony Lace Chantilly" Moisturising Shower Wash Cream

"Lemony Lace Chantilly" Moisturising Shower Wash Cream is a quick-absorbing and convenient foam spray designed for easy application and even, all-over coverage while instantly massaging into the skin.

The unique formula is infused with nourishing Jojoba Oil and Lemon essential oil combined with specially purified water that will leave you feeling hydrated and moisturised all day long.

Its bright scent immediately relieves and awakens the mind and stimulates a more positive mental outlook and whilst it works its magic, it will leave your skin feeling as soft & delicate as Chantilly lace. The formulation is created with minimal natural-based ingredients and contains at least 30% Vegetable oil.

To address the essence of our second concept "Pure', most of the ingredients we used in our formulations are nature based. Natural ingredients continue to drive growth in the cosmetics and personal care industry. For instance, the Chantilly Cream in particular contains only certified ECOCERT constituents.

We consistently look out for the safest and most gentle products available in the market. In light of this, certification to voluntary cosmetic standards like COSMOS and ECO Cert, the world's leading certifiers in the organic and natural cosmetics industry, have been a welcome addition to the industry and our product portfolio, and we are also proud to be members of RSPO.

According to a recent study by the Soil Association, "77% of people would be reassured if a product which said 'organic' on the label was certified to an independent standard." We intend to hold our stance on this.

Lastly, as for our third concept 'Simple', we believe that the cosmetics market is increasingly looking for fewer ingredients in formulations, addressing the call from consumers. We therefore offer a range of formulas that contain less than 10 naturally based ingredients and one formula consists of only 4 products. It's that Simple!

Source: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Source: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Simply Groom Beard and Moustache Oil

Whether you need a little help maintaining your 'Movember' facial hair, or you just want to give yourself a little treat, this formula promises to do just that. Containing Sweet Almond Oil and luxurious Argan oil, your beard will feel supple and soft while caring for the skin underneath.

The formula banishes that greasy feel to make styling, grooming and shaving a much simpler experience.

Source: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Source: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Ting! Lip Plump

Ting! Contains only a handful of ingredients effective of achieving key product performance and provides a tame but tingly feeling.

The vitamin B3 and peppermint oil active ingredient provides a warming and cooling sensation giving the overall "plumping" effect while powerful but excellent water-in-oil emulsifier gives the gloss the high shine finish. A simple formulation for the perfect pout.

All Bright Correction Serum

Harnessing the powers of natural ingredients, "All Bright" serum corrects and prevents the appearance of dark spots, uneven skin tone and hyper-pigmentation.

The whitening active helps repair and restore your natural skin tone while the RSPO certified natural based emollient uses patent-pending technology to provide the widest HLB range for a greater stability profile that is sustainable and kind to your skin.

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It is truly exciting to be able to see this concept come to life. Being part of such a vibrant and positive team, knowing that our formulations and creative ideas actively help to shape the trends and foster innovative patterns make me proud to work for this dynamic company. No two days are the same- but I love it, pure and simple! Enquiries to