British aerosol filling figures up 5% in 2012


BAMA set to issue a fifth amendment to its BAMA Standard

The British Aerosol Manufacturers' Association (BAMA) has published its annual report for 2012-13, which demonstrates that the UK aerosol sector is in buoyant shape, with aerosol filling figures up 5% year on year for the year ending 31 December 2012.

In the report, BAMA Chief Executive Dr John Morris discusses the impact of the third amendment to the Aerosols Dispensers Directive to bring it into line with CLP (classification, labelling and packaging). He added that, as a result, the Association will soon be issuing a fifth amendment to the BAMA Standard.

Also included is a chapter by Alain D'Haese, Secretary General of the European-wide aerosol industry body FEA, which centres on what he calls “a year of very good co-operation between BAMA and FEA”.

Other areas of focus include commercial and planning, the environment, operational safety, packaging and contents, and volatile substance abuse, according to BAMA.

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The full report can be downloaded from