Bronnley launches Eclectic Elements range


Celebrating 130 years with new collection

Bronnley is celebrating its 130th anniversary with a new collection of six scents – Eclectic Elements. The range marks a step away from traditional scents towards a more modern approach.

The collections is said to be a fusion of pure ingredients, blended in an unconventional way. The result is said to be a mixture of drama, personality and ambience – with a distinctly bold yet vibrant and contemporary composition.

Dionne Anderson, Managing Director at H Bronnley & Co, said: "We are thoroughly excited to be announcing the launch of Eclectic Elements, an incredibly dynamic collection of fragrances that have been at the heart of what we have been working tirelessly to deliver over the course of the past couple of years at Bronnley. It is a tribute to the pioneering spirit of our founder with a fresh approach, which challenges the current norms of classic perfumery and fragrance composition. It marks the next chapter in our story with a focus on refreshing innovation while staying true to our heritage."

The range includes: Savage Flower, Cosmic Bloom, Wild Green, Exotic Embers, Azure Bliss and Crimson Cloud – all available in an Eau de Toilette format in 50ml. The full collection is said to be inspired by the elements, with each fragrance containing disparate notes that come together to form a whole piece.

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RRP £35 each or £25 for the full collection, Bronnley & Co,