Burgundy Botanical Extracts promises superior grape polyphenols

Traceability from field to product

Burgundy Botanical Extracts says the completion of its latest investment programme means it now has a totally automated and computerised facility which is able to offer full traceability (from field to product) and promises optimum performance. The investment includes additional extraction capacity, chromatography columns, drying and clean rooms.

In addition, in association with grape seed producer Cristal Union, a grower-owner cooperative group, Burgundy has announced the start of production on a new line dedicated to high speed processing of polyphenols from grape seeds in France. The company comments: “thanks to this preferred access to high quality raw material, and to an innovative plant and high tech process, Burgundy is now in a position to offer its customers what they may ask for: ‘unbeatable prive for first quality extract’.”