CPL Aromas' CEO talks Brexit and why he’s voting Remain

Chris Pickthall speaks about the potential impact of leaving the EU on the fragrance industry

On 23 June, the UK will vote on whether to leave or remain in the EU. Chris Pickthall, CEO of CPL Aromas, the UK’s biggest fragrance company, shares his thoughts on Brexit.

Chris Pickthall

What is your view on Brexit?

We would very much hope that the UK votes to remain in the EU. The main reason for this is uncertainty, because I don’t think a country has ever left the EU before. All the politicians are saying that this could take years to unravel in terms of new trade agreements, existing trade agreements and what happens with movement of staff around Europe. Most of all it’s just the uncertainty that Brexit would bring. I think uncertainty tends to be bad for business. The UK as a market for CPL globally makes up about 5% of sales, but from our UK factory we supply all of Europe. So being within the EU, as we are at the moment, for supply to our European customers is important.

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