CPL Aromas research results in perfumery course for the visually impaired

VG Vaze College hopes to advance employment opportunities for candidates

VG Vaze College in Mulund, Mumbai has opened a four month perfumery course for the visually impaired following research conducted by CPL Aromas. CPL carried out the research in the hope of advancing the employment opportunities for the visually impaired in the fragrance and associated industries. The research included a test examining the candidates ability to differentiate between similar odours and to rank identical odours in strength, and it was revealed that the visually impaired candidates showed a significantly improved ability to identify certain odour groups than sighted candidates.

CPL Aroma Group ceo Chis Pickthall declared himself “happy that the original idea has resulted in something real and tangible” while Renuka Thergaonkar, head of the department of cosmetics and fragrance at Vaze College said: “Unlike us, the students cannot be biased towards a product. We see the attractive packaging first then the other aspects. But their evaluation is free from any bias.”