Career Advice: How I became the founder of Byoma, Isle of Paradise and Tan-Luxe

By Sarah Parsons 14-Sep-2022

Marc Elrick, CEO and founder of brand incubator Future Beauty Labs, on his rise to the top in partnership with CEW UK

Marc Elrick, founder of Byoma and Future Beauty Labs, entered beauty as a salon owner

Marc Elrick, founder of Byoma and Future Beauty Labs, entered beauty as a salon owner

Marc Elrick is the CEO and founder of Future Beauty Labs, the British brand incubator behind Isle of Paradise, Tan-Luxe and Tanologist.

Skin care brand Byoma is his latest creation and, since its launch in February 2022, has seen unprecedented growth.

With more than 100 million impressions, the brightly packaged, ceramide-focused line has been crowned TikTok's biggest beauty launch of the year and remains one of the platform's fastest growing skin care brands.

Byoma has also amassed over 15 billion global media impressions across media and social channels, reaching over 200 million people across social platforms to date.

A hit with consumers and retailers alike, Byoma has landed retail deals across the sector from luxury at Selfridges to drugstore via Boots – and, now, Ulta for shoppers in the US.

"Launching Byoma has been a huge career high," Elrick tells Cosmetics Business. "With Byoma we wanted to create something truly revolutionary and disruptive in the skin care category, completely inspired by and in response to consumer demand."

Here, in partnership with CEW UK, the beauty entrepreneur shares his career journey and his tips to create a thriving business.

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