Carestia and Paperscent ink deal for non-contact perfume testers


Carestia will be the exclusive manufacturer of blotters developed to be compatible with the Paperscent fragrance sampling solution

Carestia Arcade Beauty has finalised a partnership agreement for the exclusive manufacture of blotters distributed internationally by Paperscent.

Developed by the company GK Concept, Paperscent is a compact case or dispenser designed to distribute samples at point of sale.

The device is able to decorate the blotter in real time by embossing a logo before impregnating it with the chosen fragrance.

Carestia can supply the blotters either undecorated, or hot gilded.

The companies have worked together for several years, but this newly signed partnership gives Carestia exclusive rights to manufacture the blotters used in Paperscent machines.

The deal follows joint research conducted by Carestia and GK Concept to develop a card compatible with the machine’s decoration technique, which guarantees universal compatibility between the paper, ink and fragrances used.

According to Carestia, the Paperscent device works with any type of standard test bottle thanks to its integrated pump.

The consumer simply pulls on the blotter for it to be impregnated with scent, so the sample is generated without there being any need to touch the tester bottle.

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