Caribbean Sol urges consumers to look closer at ingredients in sun care products

By Becky Bargh 3-Jun-2019

The sun care brand has launched the campaign in honour of World Reef Day and World Oceans Day this June

Sun care brand Caribbean Sol is urging consumers to look at the ingredients in their sunscreen products in an effort to save the world’s reefs and oceans.

Chemicals found in some sunscreens, including oxybenzone and octinoxate, are known to bleach coral reefs and kill the ocean’s ecosystems.

These chemicals are also said to be harmful to human bodies and disrupt hormones, according to a study published by Medical Journal Jama.

Due to this, parts of the US and other countries have banned the use of certain products containing these chemicals, including Florida, Hawaii, Aruba and parts of Mexico.

As part of #ChooseMineralsNotChemicals initiative, customers who post a picture of their sunscreen on social media will be able to win a free Caribbean Sol 30 SPF travel bottle and a 30% discount coupon.

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