Cellulite – defying the dimpling

Silusyne is a new cosmetic ingredient containing acetyl hexapeptide-39 for reducing the appearance of cellulite. Acetyl hexapeptide-39 reduces the expression of PGC-1α mRNA, linked to adipogenesis and lipid accumulation, meaning adipocytes coming from preadipocytes treated with acetyl hexapeptide-39 have lower lipid accumulation. In addition, Silusyne improves the uniformity of the skin and adipose tissue inner organisation, both of which are linked to cellulite.

The topographic issue of cellulite, or the orange peel effect, affects a huge percentage of women, plus a few men. Marta Rull, Míriam Mateu, Elena Cañadas, Cristina Carreño, Juan Cebrián, Núria Almiñana, Josep Lluís Viladot & Raquel Delgado introduce a novel approach to fighting unremitting cellulite and fat nodules

Physical appearance has important personal and professional implications in our society. Not fitting into the standard beauty canons may cause dissatisfaction so there is a general desire to improve and correct the undesired physical features that provoke the condition.

Age, gender, genetics and general lifestyle determine fat depots and distribution, which foremost define body shape and silhouette. These visible accumulations appear mainly in the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, stomach and breast.

Understood as a fat storage increase, being overweight is an increasing problem in modern society due to highly calorific meals, poor exercise and long working days. Additional lipid accumulation makes the cells and their surrounding tissue grow in volume, increasing local volume and sometimes showing non-attractive fat nodules (cellulite). Cellulite is the final step of physiological changes occurring in the subcutaneous fat layer, which increase fat tissue volume and create irregularities on the skin surface, becoming an aesthetic problem for 90% of lean and overweight post-adolescent women, plus some men.

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