Chromavis partners with Mktg Industry on new make-up powders


Contract manufacturer Chromavis has developed make-up powders presented in coffret boxes by Mktg Industry

Contract manufacturer Chromavis has developed two collections of make-up powders presented in coffret boxes designed and manufactured by Mktg Industry.

The FXI Collection was created by ChromaFXI, the special effects laboratory of Chromavis, that created a unique combination of techniques, powders and colours.

Baked Powders Collection is the result of Chromavis' experience in the production of soft, luminous baked powders combined with new filling technologies designed to create unique visual decoration effects, said the company.

Full service provider Mktg Industry designed sample boxes for the powders with a double function - both a single presentation coffret and a real primary packaging to directly contain the products. The final powders slot directly inside the cartonboard slots, all tailor shaped inside each box to perfectly fit each powder.

Stefano Focolari, CEO and Managing Director at Mktg Industry, commented: "Cardboard, a material traditionally considered poor is becoming, in the expert hands of technicians and designers, a great possible alternative to plastics. Cardboard is a versatile material: elegant, highly customisable, easy to decorate and eco-friendly. Our research shows that for all non-liquid make-up products such as compact powders, baked powders and poured products, cardboard will be increasingly used as an excellent alternative to traditional compact cases. The two palettes designed for Chromavis are an outstanding example."

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