Citrus fragrances are trending. Here are 6 adding zest to the perfume category

By Sarah Parsons | Published: 18-Jan-2023

From orange blossom to mandarin, citrus notes are a staple in a perfumer's organ but the traditionally summer scents are getting a feel-good makeover to brighten up winter days

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When it's cold and dark outside, we subconsciously turn to citrus fruits for nostalgic comfort to remind us of sunnier days, Christmas traditions and immune-boosting supplements. 

For perfumers, the citrus fragrance family provides versatile zesty and fresh notes to enhance floral and woody scents. 

Used in fragrance for nearly 700 years, citrus notes - such as orange – are also shown to enhance concentration, improve moods and reduce anxiety

So, it's no surprise that orange, grapefruit and lemon fragrances are no longer reserved for summers as a reminder of lazy holidays and long breakfasts. 

With more than 20 million views on TikTok, a surge in new launches and a 60% increase in Google searches for 'orange perfume' following the turning back of the clock, a spritz of citrus is now a staple scent in any fragrance wardrobe.  

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