Clip case: Reusable compact by Albea

Clip-Case is designed to create a simple and intuitive consumer experience

Consumers are increasingly concerned with the environmental impact of the products they use on the daily, inquiring ingredients but more recently the packaging. As they want to be part of the solution, the beauty market shows a steady rise of interest for reusable solutions that allow consumers to play an active role by adopting more responsible consumption habits.

The “Clip-Case” experience

Clip-Case is designed to create a simple and intuitive consumer experience - a must when it comes to rechargeable concepts: When the powder is empty, the used-up case can be taken off by opening the cap to its maximum, getting the platform to automatically pop-out from the base. To change the pan, a simple slide back into the platform case and the pack will be as good as new.

“Smooth and quick manipulations are key to consumers that are willing but who will give up if the system takes too much time to be understood or achieved”, explains Ines Coeur, Compacts Market Manager at Albéa.

Responsible End-of-life

While shaping Clip Case, the goal was to go beyond reusability by targeting circularity which is crucial for any Albéa innovation. Once the packaging has fulfilled its purpose, the materials shouldn't go to waste.

“Our sustainable roadmap for compacts targets to get PP/PET based products, include more recycled material and find lighter designs, but there were still some blocking points to reach recyclability,” says Ines Coeur.

Indeed, when it comes to a pressed powder case, the end of life depends on how easy the mechanism of disassembly of the non-plastic components is: “We found a playful way to combine refillability and the sorting of the pieces before recycling. Even if recycling might not be possible right now, we need to prepare the future”.

Here, the metallic pan and the mirror can be easily disassembled. The plastic materials were carefully selected to design the pack for recycling and to allow in the future a great part of recycled materials. To perfect the concept, the Albéa team is working on a “metal-free hinge” conception. By removing this little metal component at the back of the compact, its recyclability will get improved.

Unlimited possibilities

Clip Case is an allrounder that can be applied to many different compacts design (multi-pans palettes, square or round mono-compact) Playful, the system can also be displayed as a tailor-made offer where consumers choose a formula that they pair up with their favorite version of the pack. “We wanted to offer brands a flexible concept that can adapt to various needs and identities,” adds Ines Coeur.

“Clip-Case” is a step further towards responsible packaging in cosmetics and embodies the commitment of Albéa, as a responsible company, to help make plastic more sustainable and beauty more circular.

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