Colgate campaign set to 'boost optimism' among Americans

By Julia Wray 9-Oct-2020

The Colgate Optimism Project will identify projects and provide them with expert membership and coaching

Colgate has announced a national campaign across the US championing individuals who are putting optimism into action.

The Colgate-Palmolive Company-owned oral care brand said the Colgate Optimism Project would identify people who are working on projects to improve the world and provide membership and coaching from experts in optimism, business and entrepreneurship.

There is even the possibility for these individuals to secure grant funding to help build-on or actualise their ideas, added Colgate.

The campaign was inspired by a US-wide study conducted by Colgate which revealed that Americans are struggling to stay positive.

Gen Z consumers and those under 24 were found to be the most pessimistic of any age group.

However, the majority of Gen Zers surveyed said they would like to adopt a more optimistic attitude, and eight out of ten respondents within this group said they believed they had the power to choose optimism and to put this into action.

Three quarters of Gen Z Americans have forfeited major life opportunities in education or their career this year, while more than 80% report having zero opportunities to work together to make an impact in their communities, despite three quarters believing it's important to do so.

As part of the programme, Colgate is partnering with experts including Dr Deepika Chopra – known as the Optimism Doctor – who will help inform ways people can take optimism in action, as well as lead virtual workshops for Colgate Optimism Project members before the end of 2020.

"Clinical research shows optimism can have a positive impact on mental and physical health and that optimism is a muscle that we can learn how to strengthen every day through our actions," said Dr Chopra.

Dana Medema, Colgate’s General Manager of Oral Care in North America, added: "Facing such uncertainty in our daily lives, it's hard for many people to overcome negative feelings.

"We believe optimism is our best defence to defeat pessimism and improve our world.

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"Optimism drives progress. A smile can trigger a complete change in outlook."