Cornelius champions skin care ingredients that protect against blue light

By Becky Bargh | Published: 1-May-2020

In a new link up with Silab, Cornelius is offering a range of the natural active ingredients producer’s ingredients that reduce the harmful effects of blue light

EU chemicals manufacturer Cornelius has turned its attention to championing skin care ingredients that aim to reduce the effects of digital pollution.

In partnership with Silab, a producer of natural active ingredients, the company is offering products that are designed to protect consumers from blue light exposure, helping to strengthen skin’s barrier function and revive complexion radiance.

This includes Silab’s Oxygeskin and Filmexel actives.

“With the world in a state of lockdown, the effects of digital pollution will increase dramatically as more people spend time at home indoors in front of their smart devices,” said Cornelius’ Principal Relationship Manager, Michelle Cann.

“Although pollution levels from transportation are at an all-time low, for those living in urban cities or closer to industrial areas, harmful toxins are still present and can easily permeate the skin’s barrier when outdoors, either from daily exercise or from queueing at supermarkets.

“With more time on their hands, consumers are reaching for easily accessible products that are available online.

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