Cornelius supports FoodStart


A golden opportunity to help students to get a taste of the food sector.

A golden opportunity to help students to get a taste of the food sector

Cornelius Group is proud to announce our support of the Institute of Food Science & Technology's FoodStart campaign to help the next generation of young food professionals take their first steps in a career in food. FoodStart brings together food employers and students considering a career in food, enabling the promotion of work experience opportunities (from schools based programmes to graduate placements and internships).

Jon Poole, IFST Chief Executive, explains more:

“This one-stop website will bring UK-wide work experience options to those considering a career in food, and the service is free for both employers and students. We’re convinced this is the solution to the ongoing challenge of attracting a sufficient number of students to the food sector.”

As a distributor of quality ingredients to a variety of sectors within the food and nutrition sectors, Cornelius are excited to be a part of this project as an extension of our commitment to provide careers, training and work experience to young talent. Cornelius European Health & Food Business Manager, Per Rehne, highlights how this campaign is the perfect fit:

'Cornelius supports FoodStart as part of our CSR charter and we are committed to contribute to the food industry in developing healthy and nutritional balanced products. We also believe that we as a company should take responsibility for the education and development of the next generation that will shape our industry. Cornelius also works with a number of universities to help students working on industry relevant projects and supports SMEs with product development and innovation.'

The campaign has also gained the support of celebrity chef Jamie Oliver and key food industry associations.

To get involved and to donate to FoodStart, please click here

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