Cosfibel designs Paco Rabanne Father’s Day fragrance packaging


Six metal coffret designs have been created by the packaging company

Paco Rabanne has enlisted the expertise of packaging company Cosfibel for its Father’s Day fragrance line-up.

Tasked with creating designs for six fragrances, Cosfibel developed a specific perforation process for the desired result, which includes 2,521 holes in two different sizes to illustrate the PR monogram.

The metal coffret designs each feature a different shade and can house a specific selection of products for each of the fragrances: One Million, Invictus, Black XS, One Million Lucky, Pure XS and Invictus Legend.

Offset printed and protected by a layer of flexo-applied varnish, the products are held in place with a shiny black APET chock.

Cosfibel has worked with Paco Rabanne before and designed its holiday packaging for the festive season in 2019.

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