Cosmetic applicators: What do make-up consumers want?


Cosmetic applicators, whether they are standalone or pack integrated, are an integral part of the skin care and make-up market. We find out more about innovation within this sector

Cosmetic applicators: What do make-up consumers want?

Brushes for foundation and tubes for lipsticks are changing as consumer demand drives greater innovation from the sector.

For instance, with the increase of beauty bloggers and YouTube make-up tutorials, the line between tools for professionals and those for the audience have blurred.

Manufacturers have now elevated the unassuming cosmetic applicator to one of 'beauty tool' status.

Perhaps one of the largest and most prominent cosmetic applicator tool shifts comes in the form of Beautyblender, which is now a popular method of applying foundation.

Created in 2007 by veteran Hollywood make-up artist Rea Ann Silva, the 'blender' was born when Silva grew disheartened by the sharp-edged foundation sponges on the market.

"There is no learning curve with Beautyblender. It is intuitive and simple, and I think that's why so many people...

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