Cover Girl beats Herbal Essences and Vaseline in advertising stakes


Viewer response to ads measured and scored

Cover Girl's Pink: The Super Hero Make-up has topped Ace Metrix's list of top-scoring advertisements for Q2 2015 in the personal care and OTC pharmaceutical categories.

The TV advertising analyst tested adverts that debuted between 1 April and 30 June 2015, measuring the effectiveness of each based on viewer reaction to them and awarding the top 31 the title Ad of the Quarter.

Peter Daboll, CEO at the company, said: "We tested approximately 2,000 ads during Q2, nearly 1,200 of which debuted on national television. It’s our pleasure to acknowledge the brands that delivered outstanding creative that resonated with consumers from a holistic Ace Score perspective and across multiple dimensions of persuasion. The standout ads from this quarter really focused on the product education, informing consumers of new features and functionality."

Other high scorers in the category included Herbal Essences with its Take Your Hair to Paradise ad, Band-Aid for its For the Things You Cherish campaign and Vaseline's Moisturising the Skin Every Day ads.

Ace Metrix used a panel of at least 500 consumers to score adverts on a scale of 1-950 on factors including persuasion, likability, information, attention, change, relevance, desire and watchability. The company scores every national TV ad, as well as a growing number of digital ads, across 96 product categories. Verbatim responses to ads are also collected for each advert and scored for positive, negative or neutral emotional impact, giving each advert an Emotional Sentiment ranging from 1-100.

Cover Girl's ad scored 547, 10.2% higher than the category norm for Personal Care – Cosmetics, scoring particularly well for change. Herbal Essence's campaign was awarded a score of 535, 5.9% higher than the average for hair care with particular praise given to its likeability.

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In other categories, winners included Coca-Cola's Happy Feeling ad and Google's Keep Questioning campaign. Daboll added: "Ads from AT&T, Discover Card, E*Trade, and Purina all tap into what we call the professor personality to inform and reach consumers. These brands were able to break through the clutter by delivering excellent creative that drives brand performance.”