Covid-19: At-home beauty tools top most in-demand e-commerce products

From the week beginning 13 April, online impressions of hair scissors rocketed by more than 3,000%

At-home beauty tools have topped the UK’s most in-demand beauty products as lockdown from the coronavirus pandemic continues.

From the week beginning 13 April, online impressions for hair scissors rocketed by more than 3,000%, with a 500% conversion rate, according to data published by digital shopping specialist RedBrain.

Hair curlers came in fifth, with impressions of more than 800% and conversions of 370%, ahead of manicure glue and nail art kits, and accessories in sixth and eighth respectively.

False nails, hair pins, cuticle creams and oils, facial pore strips and nail tools also ranked in the top 20 most in-demand products.

“We’ve seen a huge impact on all our lives recently from Covid-19 with fundamental shifts in online shopping patterns as we try to navigate the ‘new normal’,” said RedBrain’s Chief Growth Officer Alastair Campbell.

“It’s easy to think the world has stopped and life is out on hold but our data tells a different story.

“We are all going through similar experiences and buying lots of the same things, at the same times.

“Is the nation settling down into the ‘new normal’? It’s hard to tell at the moment but the insights into purchasing and volumes certainly show that online retail is evolving and the UK should certainly have beautiful skin and nails when we emerge from lockdown.”

Earlier this month, it was revealed that nail polish sales had surged almost a quarter as consumers are forced to stay at home.

Meanwhile, British hair care brand Knight & Wilson reported a 1,200% uptick in sales during the lockdown.