Covid-19: US fragrance manufacturers appeal to be exempt from mandatory closures

By Becky Bargh 25-Mar-2020

In an open letter to President Donald Trump, the Fragrance Creators Association argued the fragrance industry was needed to supply fragrance for cleaning and sanitising products

In an open letter to US President Donald Trump, the Fragrance Creators Association has appealed to be exempt from mandatory closures, which have taken place across the US due to Covid-19.

The organisation urged the government to recognise the sector’s ‘critical’ need to supply fragrance for the cleaning and sanitising sectors.

Earlier this month, the US government declared a state of emergency over the novel coronavirus, and approximately half of US states have imposed lockdown measures, suspending businesses and social gatherings.

“The association is focused on driving awareness that fragrance is a critical component of cleaning and sanitising formulations,” said Farah Ahmed, President and CEO of the Fragrance Creators Association.

“We stand together with federal, state and local governments in the desire to meet this challenge, and are committed to ensuring that Americans continue to have access to essential health products that protect against the spread of Covid-19.”

The association said it was proactively engaging with all levels of support in order to respond to the need for increased manufacturing of essential cleaning and sanitising products.

The group’s Chairman Robert Weinstein added: “The fragrance industry has come together in an unprecedented way to meet the fragrance supply needs of the cleaning and sanitising industry.

“In the face of this public health crisis, the fragrance industry stands united in our commitment to decisive action and ongoing collaboration.”

The US has more than 55,000 confirmed cases of the virus, the third highest country globally behind China and Italy.

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New York has been the worst-hit state with more than 26,000 confirmed cases and 271 deaths.