Creating an 'epic dermis': 4 novel facial skin care formulations


These four formulations cover all steps of the facial skin care regimen, from cleansing to targeted treatments

Skin care continues to be one of the most innovative areas of beauty, with new and established brands alike vying for consumer attention.

Below are four formulations that focus on different facial skin care products including a sleeping mask formula, spot gel, water bead cream and cleansing scrub.

Formulation 1

With time-pressed consumers looking to maximise their night-time beauty regime, Res Pharma has this Detox Sleeping Mask formula, which contains the anti-pollution ingredient Pantrofina Skin 360.

Formulation 2

This Spot Stop Gel contains 3% Seboclear-MP from Rahn and is COSMOS and China compliant.


Mix the demineralised water and Dermosoft MCA Variante, and sprinkle Tego Carbomer 340 FD on the surface. Wait until the powder is fully saturated then mix thoroughly until completely smooth. Add sodium hydroxide while stirring strongly. Homogenise. Add Abil Care 85 while stirring. Homogenise. Add the final three ingredients separately while stirring.

Formulation 3

Magic Water Bead Cream is a trendy 'water drop' cream suggested by BRB and formulated with the company's BRB 6373 water-in-silicone emulsifier.


Mix phase A well. Mix phase B separately. Add phase A slowly into phase B while stirring. Add phase C into bulk and mix well.

Formulation 4

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This 3-in-1 Creamy Cleansing Scrub from Lubrizol gently removes dead skin cells while deeply moisturising the skin. It contains the supplier's Carbopol Ultrez 20 Polymer to thicken and stabilise the formulation, as well as Actiscrub Coconut Shell for moderate exfoliation.

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