Cross-pollination and inspiration


To create innovative beauty products and packaging, brands should look to other industries for inspiration and draw from their heritage

Maeve Keane and Sarita Wilkinson from product and service innovation consultancy PDD speak to Julia Wray

It is important for beauty brands to understand the key consumer, market and design trends that are driving the future of their space, so that product, packaging and service concepts will be relevant for the lead times they’re working to.

“When it comes to design and innovation, cross-pollination is hugely important. The beauty industry is creating products for people whose lives aren’t siloed in the way organisations are,” Maeve Keane, Principal of Design Insight at product and service design innovation consultancy PDD, tells SPC. “By looking to parallel industries, you can discover how you can innovate within your own industry and how to differentiate. People’s expectations of cosmetics and toiletries are constantly being stretched by all of the products they interact with and the experiences they have in their lives, and these expectations and conceptions are naturally going to bleed into other areas that aren’t directly related.”


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