Customise your packaging live with Induplast Packaging Group


The Webpackaging 3D configurator allows you to personalise your packaging using realistic previews

The Webpackaging 3D configurator allows you to personalise your packaging, customise the colours and graphics in order to have a realistic preview of the final product just by following a few simple steps.

Using this feature, when designing a product or even a full rage, this configurator is very useful because it allows you to visualise the final outcome of your product, with as many modifications as you please.

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In addition to a selection of our jars and bottles, you can also configure a wide range of Induplast Packaging Group products such as stick containers, lip balm containers, roll-ons and make-up containers.

The Webpackaging configurator allows you to:

  • Choose the perfect product for your project from our catalog
  • Customise the colour and finish of most or all elements of the packaging
  • Interact with the product and see it from every angle
  • Insert your own artwork
  • Save the project and share it with others
  • Send us a request for estimates or information
  • Download a preview of the configured product.