Cutitronics reveals digital ‘adaptive personalisation’ device for beauty brands

By Becky Bargh | Published: 8-Apr-2019

The new product works by measuring skin’s needs and dispensing the tailored amount of product required

Scottish beauty-tech firm Cutitronics has launched a new digital ‘adaptive personalisation’ device for beauty brands.

Dubbed, the ‘Fibit for the skin’, the CutiTron device measures customer’s skin needs, such as hydration levels, and dispenses the exact amount of product on a day-by-day basis.

Through GPS, the app can also measure environmental factors, such as humidity, to tailor to skin’s needs.

The software, and smartphone app, is said to have the capabilities to suit any brand, giving any beauty company the option to create bespoke packages.

David Heath, founder and CEO of Cutitronics

David Heath, founder and CEO of Cutitronics

Founder and CEO of Cutitronics David Heath said: “Our CutiTron technology is like a Fitbit for the skin - it opens the door to personalised skin care for brands and their customers.

“Our prototype can analyse the hydration of a customer’s skin and draw on a wide range of external information, such as their location, the outside temperature and the humidity in the air.”

Heath added: “As well as dispensing the brand’s product to their customers, our technology can also gather information that the customer can choose to send back to the brand.

“That data can be invaluable to help brands improve their recipes or learn more about their customers’ skin care routines.”

The brand revealed its prototype at In-Cosmetics Global trade show in Paris last week.

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