DSM’s The Beauty Connection discusses global hair care trends


Feedback from DSM’s blogger platform indicates that hair care is about to get exciting, as Mélanie Waeckel tells SPC

Historically, hairstyles have indicated status, rank or even political preference. Today, our hair still plays a large part in expressing how we see ourselves and how we want others to see us. However, as DSM quickly discovered when it spoke to people around the world, hair is an extremely emotive subject. It’s no coincidence that the phrase ‘bad hair day’ has become shorthand for a day when nothing seems to go right.

DSM has been receiving feedback from its proprietary consumer insights studies and blogger platform, The Beauty Connection, on current hair trends around the world.

Discussions have focused on what hair means to people today, what they want their hair to say about them and what their desires are for the products of the future. Recent insights from Brazil report a strong activist movement there to resist the social pressure for straight hair and recapture a more natural look: one might call it ‘curl power’.

There have also been some extremely interesting insights from a quantitative and qualitative consumer survey...

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