Dabble and Dollop gives children the chance to personalise bath time

By Lucy Tandon Copp 31-Oct-2019

The new US brand is bringing the trend for personalisation in beauty to younger consumers

A new brand has hit the US market that allows children to mix their own bath time products including bubble bath, shampoo and body wash.

Dabble and Dollop is the brainchild of personal care ingredients veteran Stephanie Leshney, who is also a mother of three.

Children from toddler-hood upwards can follow waterproof recipe cards or create their own combinations in the provided mixing bowl.

Created as a premium bathroom products brand, the core offering includes a 3-in-1 starter kit featuring strawberry and tangerine gel and a vanilla-scented whip.

All formulas are vegan, sustainably sourced and contain natural surfactants, while the skus are packaged in post-consumer recycled bottles.

The products contain nature-identical synthetic fragrances as opposed to essential oils, which the brand stated "can contain more allergens, can be irritating and aren’t always sustainably sourced".

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The brand will be available via maisonette.com with products ranging from US$16-$49.