Degree deodorant to study fans at 2016 Final Four


Basketball fans' reactions will be studied as they watch the final games

Unilever deodorant brand Degree is teaming up with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) in the US to conduct the first study into human movement taking place in a sports stadium.

At the 2016 Final Four in Houston, to be held on 2 and 4 April, the two partners will use bioanalytic technology called Lightwave to measure and analyse the emotions and physical reactions of fans watching the games. From their reaction to buzzer beaters to each point scored, the biometric data will be collected and analysed to provide Degree with further insight into human motion.

Matthew McCarthy, Senior Director of men’s grooming at Unilever, said: “The energy at the Final Four is unlike anything in sports. The win or go home nature of the tournament creates an unrivalled level of excitement that gets fans moving more than ever. As a brand that is dedicated to studying human movement to continue to improve our products our partnership with the NCAA gives us an amazing opportunity to use a premier sporting event like the

Final Four to learn how we truly react during high energy moments.” To collect the data, Lightwave will deploy connected sensor devices throughout the NRG Stadium and equip fans with wearable devices.

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The latest data will build on Degree’s studies as part of the Degree MotionSense Lab, which launched in February. Degree deodorant makes use of MotionSense Technology, which is said to directly react to movement, releasing fragrance as the user moves around.