Depolluphane shields and enhances cell defence

Full Skin Protection against Pollution

Depolluphane consists of an organic cress sprout extract that is combined with a smart polysaccharide complex in order to protect the skin against pollution.

Environmental pollution is one of the main contributing factors towards skin ageing and a dull complexion.

Small air pollutants called particulate matter can enter skin pores and in doing so transport toxins such as heavy metals and allergens into deeper skin layers.

This causes the formation of free radicals in the skin that lead to cell damage, inflammation and accelerated skin ageing.

It is therefore important to not only shield the skin but also strengthen it to successfully face the daily threat of pollution.

The cress sprouts that are used in the production of Depolluphane contain sulforaphane.

This is a molecule that promotes cellular detoxification and the production of antioxidant enzymes.

The smart polysaccharide complex shields the skin from environmental pollution and strengthens the skin barrier to ensure a more resilient skin.

Therefore, Depolluphane provides the skin with two lines of defence against pollution: keeping particles from entering the skin and strengthening the cell’s own defence system against toxins.

In vitro studies have demonstrated that Depolluphane induces the production of detoxification enzymes and protects cells from oxidative stress and protein damage caused by pollution.

In a placebo-controlled clinical study, Depolluphane shielded the skin against atmospheric pollution and facilitated the removal of microparticles.

Claim Ideas for Depolluphane

  • Protects against urban pollution
  • Activates the detoxification system
  • Shields skin against particulate matter
  • Fortifies skin’s own defence mechanism


  • Anti-pollution formulas
  • Detox city creams
  • Protective day creams and foundations

Formulating with Depolluphane

  • Recommended use level: 1-2 %
  • Incorporation: For hot/cold processes, disperse Depolluphane into the aqueous phase and mix until completely dissolved. Once completely hydrated, mix with the oily phase.
  • As Depolluphane has a slight thickening effect, adapt your thickening system.
  • Thermostability: Temperatures of up to 70 °C will not affect the stability of Depolluphane.

For further information, please refer to our formulation guidelines.

INCI (EU / PCPC) Declaration

Lepidium sativum sprout extract (and) Pullulan (and) Sodium Carboxymethyl Betaglucan (and) Caesalpinia Spinosa Gum (and) Maltodextrin (and) Aqua/Water

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