Design Plus on sustainability and hygienic sampling post coronavirus


Now more than ever, it’s important that we continue to focus on both sustainable and hygienic solutions for our customers.

With Covid-19 and on-going fears around hygiene driving shoppers to a more sterile landscape, consumers are understandably concerned about cross-contamination from everyday items and the packaging they come in. Whilst there is an increasing pressure on the industry around sustainability and hygiene, at Design Plus we continue to work hard to adapt our product offering, ensuring the integrity of the packaged product remains intact.

Sustainability development and testing

As a business we are seeking expert advice from our knowledgeable laminate suppliers and industry specialists to investigate all suitable sustainable options.

Whilst we want to ensure moisture and odour resistance, printability, seal-ability and a visually pleasing aesthetic – we’re very optimistic that collaboratively we will develop a sustainable sachet solution to meet the demands of the end consumer.

We are thrilled with the team’s continuous efforts as we strive to succeed. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be trialling some material options that use less material and energy to manufacture, but have the same effective barrier properties.

Hygienic and anti-bacterial packaging solutions

Concerns around hygiene and the cleanliness of packaging have grown exponentially during the coronavirus outbreak. Recent research from Packaging Europe found that over a third of the industry believes there will be a shift in consumer preference around packaging materials, and a reduction in enthusiasm for reusable packaging, which is key whilst we’re exploring sustainability.

At Design Plus we predict that packaging will be a key consumer concern long after the virus has abated. From in-store testers to open jars, cross-contamination is a risk your consumer will no longer take, and there will be a need to adapt packaging and sampling options to help minimise the risk.

Where your beauty sampling is concerned, Design Plus can help to replace your product sampling with cost effective, and easy to use sachets.

Smart sampling solutions are key for the anxious shopper and safe-contact packaging will become a must-have for health and beauty brands both online and instore.

According to data compiled from Future Market Insights, the sterile and antiviral packaging market is set to grow by 5% over the next 10 years. We’re pleased to work with expert suppliers who are ahead of the curve, meaning we can offer customers two anti-bacterial options for their sachet needs; starting with an antimicrobial additive applied to the laminate, or an anti-bacterial varnish to the packaging. Both of these solutions work to destroy or inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria.

This strategy will be imperative across all health and beauty categories post Covid-19.

At Design Plus we aim to help our current and new customers post-pandemic, assisting your brand to succeed and grow despite the ever-changing industry and the challenges we face ahead.

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We’re confident that our drive to develop new solutions and adapt to a new world, post coronavirus, that we can meet your brand and product sampling requirements.


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