Determining potential allergens in perfumes

Analytical supplier Shimadzu determines 59 potential allergens in perfumes by twin-line fast GCMSMS

Several chemicals in fragrance products such as perfumes or shower gels can cause unwanted allergic reaction. These compounds are defined as potential allergens, of which 24 chemicals, plus 2 isomers, are regulated by the EU.

When analysing cosmetic products, they can be subdivided into leave on (e.g. perfumes, cremes) or rinse off (shower gels, soaps etc.). Shimadzu used a GCMS with two columns of different polarity to avoid coelutions. The most efficient setup is to use two columns connected to two different split/splitless injectors, which are mounted into the interface of one mass spectrometric detector.

The scientific committee on consumer safety proposed to extend the list, as documented (SCCS/1459/11).

This report analyses 59 chemical substances using a twin-line (unpolar and WAX) GCMSMS method to apply maximum selectivity when selecting optimised multi reaction monitoring (MRM).

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