Disney debuts first home fragrance collection


Four new scents to be launched throughout the year

Disney has launched Imagination, a new home fragrance collection featuring the Imagination Home Candle, Imagination Room Spray, Imagination Hand & Body Lotion and Imagination Hand Wash.

The scent opens with top notes of wet leaves, wild mint and crystallized white sap that blend to middle notes of apple skin, a hint of watermelon and green ivy, forest flowers and soft pine needles. It dries down to base notes of smoky vetiver, tree bark, sequoia, cedar, fir balsam and moss.

The new Imagination home fragrance collection is available in the new Disney concept store in London’s Oxford Street, which opens to the public today. It can also be purchased online and from June 2011 it will be available in Disney stores worldwide.

Disney has also announced that it has in store four new fragrances, each inspired by some of Disney’s popular characters, following the launch of Wonder, Disney’s debut fragrance that was out in December 2010 and is now available in all Disney’s stores.

“The power of fragrance is truly magical – it can evoke memories and convey dreams and aspirations. Disney’s heritage and most beloved characters also have that same allure,” said Teresa Tideman, joint managing director, Disney Store Europe. “With the launch of Disney’s stores own fragrance collection, we’re touching all of the senses for the first time in a uniquely Disney way.” Sign up for your free email newsletter