Divorce drives 14% of women to have anti-wrinkle injectables

Survey by The Cosmetic Skin Clinic finds that the break-down of a marriage is an influencing factor for UK women to have anti-wrinkle injections

Facial injectables such as Botox are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, as consumers seek less invasive ways to enhance their appearance.

The motivating factors behind the decision of London-based women to have facial injectables have been studied by The Cosmetic Skin Clinic in a new survey.

While friends and family are still the biggest influencing factors when it comes to a woman’s decision to have anti-wrinkle injections, the end of a marriage was also found to be a driving force.

Divorce was cited by 13.9% of women as their greatest motivation for considering the procedure.

The greatest percentage was in the 55 to 64 age bracket, with 21.2% saying divorce would trigger their decision to counter their wrinkles.

However, a comparatively high number of women aged 25-34, 35-44 and 45-54 also said divorce would drive them to injectables.

Only 11.5% of those aged 65+ said divorce would encourage them to visit a clinic.

The survey data was based on responses from 750 women from the UK capital.