Dove and skin whitening creams? How to harmonise your brand portfolio

By Sarah Parsons 20-Oct-2017

Cultural insight consultancy Space Doctors reveals to Cosmetics Business the steps to ensure synergy between brands

Last month, Unilever (the company behind body positive brand Dove) bought Carver Korea for €2.27bn.

Rosie Picton

As South Korea’s fastest-growing skin care company, the purchase allows Unilever to get a strong grasp on the personal care Asian market.

But how does Carver Korea's skin whitening business, sit with Dove customers?

Rosie Picton is the Associate Director of Insight at Space Doctors, a brand consultancy that specialises in harnessing cultural and semiotic insights to make meaningful futures for brands.

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Here she discusses how parent-companies can buy brands that make a perfect partnership, or what can happen when there is a conflict of interest.


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