Dr Bronner's looks to past for brand image overhaul


Natural soap brand has also launch its first All-One report

Natural soap brand Dr Bronner's has updated the design of its labels, taking inspiration from its original packaging created in 1948. The company has also released its first annual report, updating consumers on its recent efforts to stay true to its message.

David Bronner, CEO of Dr Bronner's, said: "Our new product labels honour the legacies of our grandfather, Dr EH Bronner, my father Jim Bronner and my Uncle Ralph, who have each helped shape this company into what it is today. Each label contains this special pledge that represents a distillation of my grandfather's philosophy that adorns our labels, while summarising our mission and purpose as a company: In all that we do, let us be generous, fair and loving to Spaceship Earth and all its inhabitants. For we're all-one for none! All-one!"

Michael Bronner, President of Dr Bronner's, added: "For this current refresh of our labels we have gone to our past to define our future. With a label as densely-worded as our own, we have now given proper balance to all the information and improved the readability of our grandfather's message for optimal bathroom reading."

The brand has also released its first annual All-One report. The document outlines Dr Bronner's' commitment to environmental sustainability and corporate responsibility. It includes comments from company leadership, staff and non-profit partners. The report also details the brand's contributions to charitable causes.

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The report is structured into the six principles that guide Dr Bronner's' All-One mission: Work hard and grow; do right by customers; treat employees like family; be fair to suppliers; treat the earth like home and give and give.