Dr Bronner's partners with Sea Shepherd


Soap brand backs anti-whaling campaigners

Natural soap brand Dr Bonner's has partnered with Sea Shepherd in support of its upcoming campaign to save pilot whales off the coast of the Faroe Islands.

The company will supply soaps to three Sea Shepherd ships working on the 2015 Faroe Islands Pilot Whale Defence Campaign, Operation Sleppid Grindini. Michael Bonner, Vice President at Dr Bonner's, said: "Sea Shepherd's approach to the conservation of the world's oceans and protection of marine wildlife is essential and unprecedented. Dr Bonner's and Sea Shepherd share a set of ethics and beliefs that ground both of our organisations." He added: "Although we are not with Sea Shepherd on the boats physically, we are definitely with them in spirit and we are honoured that our soaps will be there to clean the crew along the way."

Captain Alex Cornelissen, CEO of Sea Shepherd Global, added: "Sea Shepherd is thrilled to team up with Dr Bonner's. It's so refreshing these days, in which economic growth and profit seems to rule the world, to work with a company that has a deep understanding of the consequences of our actions on the planet."

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Migrating pilot whales are herded into shallow water before being slaughtered in tradition known as "grindadráp" in the Faroe Islands. Sea Shepherd's Operation Sleppid Grindini this year will be the largest campaign working against this tradition to date.