Dream skin: The cosmetic ingredients designed to sync with your sleep cycle

By Julia Wray | Published: 20-Jul-2020

A wave of new cosmetic ingredients are claiming to boost the overnight repair of skin and reduce the damage poor sleep has on our appearance. Here, Cosmetics Business discovers some of the latest launches

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The term ‘beauty sleep’ exists for good reason. Lack of sleep can play havoc with our appearance, leaving us with dark circles, bleary eyes and a lacklustre complexion.

But consumers are now much more educated about the important nighttime processes that poor sleep patterns disrupt and the damage this can wreak on their skin.

According to Givaudan Active Beauty, 62% of women believe that sleep is the most important ‘internal’ factor affecting the appearance of facial skin – ranking above diet, stress or genetic predisposition.

“In a world where 80% of people are not completely satisfied with their quality of sleep and where consumers are also convinced of the close link between quality of sleep and skin health, it has become clear that cosmetics can play a crucial role in satisfying customers,” says Mathias Fleury, Global Category Manager Biotechnology Actives at Givaudan Active Beauty.

Recently, the issue of sleeplessness has become all the more pertinent, as stress linked to the Covid-19 crisis means fewer of us are getting the quantity and quality of sleep required to stay healthy.

A new study by King’s College London and Ipsos MORI, revealed that 63% of UK residents had experienced ‘worse’ sleep patterns since the region’s lockdown was announced on 23 March, as factors such as isolation, risk of viral exposure to loved ones, and existing or anticipated financial hardship all stoke our anxiety.

While the following recently-launched active skin care ingredients won’t usher in a better night’s sleep (we’ll leave that to calming scent blends), they could help skin look and feel as if the consumer has gotten their full 40 winks.

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