Dry shampoo linked to hair loss and scalp irritation

UK consumer Facebook post on dry shampoo goes viral but experts dispute claims

Consumers have raised concerns about the safety of dry shampoos after a Facebook post went viral last week.

UK consumer Nicole Baxter shared a lengthy post on Facebook, alongside a picture, claiming she had experienced a reaction to using Batiste dry shampoo. She explained after experiencing blisters and sores on her scalp, and eventual widespread hair loss, she visited her doctor and was referred to a doctor. Baxter was diagnosed with triangular alopecia and was told she needed a scalp biopsy.

The doctor instructed her not to use any products, including dry shampoo on the day of the biopsy but Baxter decided to stop using it in the six weeks before the test. On returning to the hospital, the doctor commented that the blisters and sores had gone and suggested that this was caused by the absence of dry shampoo.

Baxter concluded: “Moral of the story – dry shampoo caused me to have this bald patch on my head and have a terrible scalp for ages.” The post has been shared more than 30,000 times on Facebook with many commenters saying that they will no longer be using dry shampoo products.

However, the validity of Baxter’s conclusion has been questioned by several experts. The CTPA released a statement clarifying the safety of dry shampoos. It said: “We would like to reassure the very many people who use these types of products that any reactions to dry shampoos are extremely rare, especially reactions involving possible hair loss.”