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Attitudes towards living “green” lifestyles are combining with manufacturers wanting more sustainable solutions tailored to their specific needs, be it via sourcing methods, production processes, natural ingredients or overall sustainability claims.

This is further compounded by mounting pressures for the industry to clean up its act, in a global personal care and cosmetics market set to reach $22 billion by 2024.

Durosoft from Stephenson has pioneered its unique range of naturally derived monoglyceryl and polyglyceryl esters to create a range of nine emulsifiers, thickeners and emollients.

Now seen as a natural alternative to synthetic ingredients found in many cosmetic and personal care products, Durosoft was developed by Stephenson’s technical innovations chemists in direct response to increasing demand for natural products.

This demand means cosmetics and personal care product formulators are now able to apply green chemistries to all their current formulations as well as future R&D.

Manufacturers can also be confident that formulating with Durosoft means a wide range of ingredients / esters that are compatible with oil and water phases, no deleterious effect on temperature sensitive ingredients and a broader array of HLB than other commonly used ingredients in the market for a greater stability profile.

In addition as the range is PEG free (polyethylene glycol), EO and skin friendly. This is great news for both consumers and the environment.

Switching to natural ingredients also enhances brand image as it reaffirms the manufacturer’s reputation as a sustainable producer.

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