ESSA and Charles Tennant form jv

Aims to increase production of natural sensory modifiers

ESSA Technologies and Charles Tennant & Company (Canada) – a division of the Tennant Group – have entered into a joint venture to develop innovative ingredients for the personal care, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

The partnership will ally ESSA Technologies’ natural-based technology platform with the global resources of Charles Tennant & Company. ESSA Technologies’ is a supplier of natural-based feel modifiers and gelling agents designed to offer an alternative to traditional synthetic ingredients.

“Meeting the increased demand of global beauty care manufacturers to provide natural-based, cost-effective functional alternatives to synthetic ingredients is a primary objective of ESSA Technologies’ current and future product portfolio,” said Chris Tarletsky, president and founder of ESSA Technologies. “Our Essachem natural-based ingredients provide excellent sensory and texture properties while also allowing chemists to modify the rheological properties of oils without compromising the desired feel and conditioning attributes of the formulation.”