Earthoil offers KOOFA-sourced tea tree oil

Project meeting customer demand as it reaches maturity

Earthoil Plantations is now offering organic tea tree oils, sustainably sourced through the Kenya Organic Oil Farmers Association (KOOFA). Earthoil purchases only the tea tree leaves from KOOFA, leaving the woody stems for farmers to use as firewood and fencing. This has the additional benefit of alleviating the need to cut down trees from the protected Mount Kenya forest. The company also uses recycled materials from another of its local projects to fuel the distillation of oil from the fresh tree leaves, which, once depleted, are returned as compost to the fields.

The project now has over 535 members and, according to Earthoil, is improving the yields and volumes of tea tree oil it produces to meet overwhelming demand.

Campbell Walter, sales and marketing director, commented: “Growing tea tree is a new way of life for KOOFA farmers. Our work with the organisation ensures the local growers and producers receive significant rewards. We provide financial support to their local social fund and guarantee that farmers are paid premium prices for their crop.”

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