Earthoil produces on-trend African Moringa oil


Earthoil produces on-trend African Moringa oil

Earthoil is one of the world’s largest producers of moringa oil and demand continues to rise as its use in personal care products is on the up.

Moringa has seen increasing attention as a superfood, with consumers using the leaves either fresh, cooked or dried to enable them to consume the claimed high levels of calcium, potassium and protein amongst other properties.

Earthoil produces on-trend African Moringa oil

Sustainable Sourcing

Earthoil is a significant producer of moringa oil and coordinates seed collection from small-scale farmers in Rwanda and Uganda. The moringa tree is ideal for intercropping as can be planted in amongst where the farmers grow cocoa and coffee to bring valuable additional income, as well as acting as a wind break, providing shade and guarding against soil erosion.

Collection and Production

Earthoil produces on-trend African Moringa oil

Moringa yields fragrant white flowers found in sprays, however later in the season the tree produces pendulous pods, each containing up to 20 seeds from which the oil is expelled. The remotely collected seeds are road freighted to Earthoil’s Nairobi factory - where they are then cleaned and dried before being pressed and filtered.

Benefits in Cosmetics

Moringa has very good emollient properties, making it ideal for use in skin and hair care product applications. With a mild yet nutty odour profile and a natural solvent capacity, it can carry fragrances well, explaining its popular choice as a carrier oil.

The Egyptians used moringa oil to extract jasmine fragrance from flowers - a process today known as ‘enfleurage’ and today moringa is commonly used for food, and medicinal purposes.

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