Eastman scoops Luxe Pack in Green award


Refillable products reduce materials and impact

The Luxe Pack in Green jury recognised advances in reusable packaging at this year’s awards ceremony, which took place on the first day of the Monaco-based event last week.

The winning package was the Chronos container, made from Eastman’s The Glass Polymer and created for Brazilian brand Natura. The container is refillable, which allows for a reduced amount of resin and lowers the environmental impact of the manufacturing process.

“If you’re going to reuse and refill you’re going to need a material that’s both tough and chemically resistant. Our materials are very much known for their toughness and they’re clear as well,” Lisa Williams, Eastman Cosmetic Packaging’s global leader, application developments, told SPC. “As consumers we do care about the earth, but ultimately we’re buying beauty, so it has to look beautiful. The product may be what brings us back, but it’s the packaging that draws us in.”

The jury also awarded a special mention to Lumson’s airless glass TAG System as used by the Ringana brand. Here the recyclable plastic components may be separated and recycled and the glass sent back to Ringana for refilling.

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