Ecoya lifts the lid on its new simplistic candle design

Premium Australian candle brand Ecoya is launching its brand new look exclusively into John Lewis stores this September

Ecoya, the premium candle brand from Australia, will roll-out its new look products exclusively into department store retailer John Lewis in September.

Working on the rebrand for 12 months, the Ecoya team has unveiled a new ‘white iceberg’ design for its candle box packaging. Each box features a bright white and coloured block design, with hues selected to convey the scent inside.

The candles themselves are topped with metallic disc-shaped lids, and clean cream glass containers.

The brand said that its Australasian heritage and Botany Bay Australia roots inspired the rebrand; today Ecoya’s candles are designed in Aukland, New Zealand, and manufactured in Sydney, Australia.

The new-look candles will launch into John Lewis and online from 11 September, along with a new fragrance Spiced Ginger & Musk.