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AMSilk has developed a protein similar to natural spider silk, now tested and approved for cosmetic formulation

Germany’s AMSilk has announced the development of the world’s first industrial manufacturing process for Spidersilk, a protein which is similar to natural spider silk. The biocompatible material is used as building block for super strong fibres, innovative medical devices and dermatology products, says AMSilk. Now, for the first time, it is available as a cosmetic ingredient. According to the company, Spidersilk is the first functional silk on the market tested and approved for cosmetic formulations.

“Most products advertising with the word ‘silk’ only contain hydrolysed protein, which has been cut into pieces and thus lose almost all of the function and benefits of natural silk,” comments Dr Ute Slotta, who developed the Spidersilk formulations. “With our product we can now offer a truly functional silk formulation to cosmetic companies.”

Spidersilk is said to impart both smoothness and moisture management to the skin, and formulations using Spidersilk microbeads are claimed to make the skin appear softer. Spidersilk is available as a powder, microbeads and a hydrogel.

“We are excited to have our production now at a point where we can supply the cosmetic industry with unique and functional new ingredients,” adds Dr Lin Römer, co-founder and Head of Research and Development at AMSilk.

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In addition to supplying raw materials to cosmetics manufacturers, AMSilk is also testing a concept study within the European Union for special cosmetic products.