Entering the 4th dimension of skin rejuvenation


Renovage is a high-tech global anti-ageing ingredient

Renovage is a high-tech global anti-ageing ingredient from Sederma that acts on the four dimensions of skin ageing: surface, depth and time.

Renovage controls skin space-time continuum:


  • Skin surface: moisturises and refines the skin grain.
  • The 3D extracellular matrix is protected leading to the recovery of firmness and elasticity.


  • Targets the catalase enzyme which helps to prolong cell lifespan by ensuring genomic stability.

Renovage complies with the Chinese regulation for cosmetic ingredients.

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The efficacy of Renovage was studied for six months. After the first month, results were already visible on major signs of ageing: skin sagging, age spots, redness, dryness, dilated pores and roughness.

After six month, the skin texture was dramatically improved with a reduction in the main lines by 47%, the age spots by 42% and the pore dilation by 26%.

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Renovage is an oil-soluble ingredient that can be incorporated in facial oils and creams to provide the ultimate protection against external and internal ageing factors.