Envers, the touchless, technological solution by Lumson

Envers was the first airless system studied to give new functionality to Lumson's packaging

Lumson, a pioneer in the realisation of airless systems thanks to years of technical experience and expertise, has always been committed to interpreting and predicting market needs.

The Touchless systems are a demonstration of this commitment, so much so that they’ve become the company’s trademark. They are the perfect response to the cosmetic market’s demand for safety and functionality.

The Touchless systems are based on four key pillars:

  • The use of a hermetic closure system HSCS - Hermetic Snap Closure System (patented by Lumson)
  • A mono or multi-layer pouch based on the characteristics of the product
  • The use of sustainable materials like glass, plastic, or aluminum
  • The possibility to separate components according to material to facilitate their disposal in the correct recycling chain.

Envers, safety and elegance

Envers is part of the Touchless family and is a packaging solution that is totally revolutionary and relevant to the world of today in which the “classic” idea of a jar takes on a new meaning, the only one of its kind.

Its introduction on the market has brought forth a system where aesthetics, technology, and functionality are all included in a high-performance product.

An exclusive look, thanks to the pairing of the jar with the dispensing systems, merges perfectly with the airless system technology (Touchless) and with the pouch enclosed within the jar, ensuring maintenance of the purity of the product.

Envers was the first airless system studied to give new functionality to packaging, thanks to its unique “on-off” system which confers a completely new and practical dispensing method, and offers a more suitable and safe solution to the consumer.

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