Estée Lauder's new website bets on augmented reality

By Sarah Parsons 25-May-2017

The multinational has worked with ModiFace to create the updates to

Estée Lauder is taking strides ahead with the augmented reality (AR) trend, by updating its website to include new interactive features.

The features, created by AR provider ModiFace, allow users to virtually try on products via their mobile camera or live video while viewing the product on the brand’s e-commerce product pages.

ModiFace used its Light Field Rendering technology that is said to take into account the level of light, texture and shine in the photo or video.

Parham Aarabi, ModiFace CEO, told Cosmetics Business: “The creation was an extensive process, involving input from various colour experts and scientists from both ModiFace and Estée Lauder.

“The overall focus was to minimise friction for consumers to try, explore, and eventually find their ideal shade.”

The US-based digital company revealed how AR is changing the beauty industry.

“We have seen, in general, that conversions increase by 84% when AR is added directly in the path to purchase,” Aarabi said.

The company also revealed that three quarters of the top 100 beauty brands are now using its AR technology.

“Brands are now using ModiFace's AR technology globally to change how products are marketed to and tried on by consumers,” he added.

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"In fact, AR is one of the key points of focus for most beauty brands, including brands like Sephora and Estée Lauder.”